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Monthly Archives: August 2015


It may have been Gamescom this week, but the only game announcement that I’ve got truly excited about was made 5500 miles from Cologne in Las Vegas. As someone who’s put in way too many hours than is sensible to this game, season 11 of Star Trek Online (STO) could well be the best update to the game since I logged in for the first time back in April 2014.

New story content, exploration, equipment and maps will all be coming to the game with season 11. It will also bring an end to the ongoing Iconian story arc that’s formed the backbone to much of STO’s story these past five and a half years.

For a game that’s part of such a massive franchise as Star Trek, it doesn’t seem to get the attention of the likes of Star Wars The Old Republic. Admittedly it perhaps doesn’t have the same level of polish, but for a free-to-play MMO it’s far more generous than TOR. Season updates and expansions are free, you get free ships up to the fifth of six tiers (and if you take part in seasonal events you often get a free top tier ship) and the in-game currencies (dilithium and energy credits) are easily acquirable. Even a lot of the best equipment costs you nothing more than time.

So why should someone start playing? Well, like I said before, it’s free. It’ll also run on pretty much anything. I’m pretty sure it’d run on my washing machine if it only had a screen. Plus, if you’re a Star Trek fan such as myself, it’s the only continuing source of Star Trek stories outside of the novels. The key difference being that the novels don’t let you shoot things in the face. At least not without getting arrested afterwards…

Looking at Steam, it tells me I’ve spent 1357 hours playing Star Trek Online. That’s far more time than I’ve spent playing any other game I’ve owned. Your Final Fantasy’s, your Elder Scroll’s and assorted other time sinks all pale in comparison to an underrated MMO running on an overworked engine with a far smaller player base than a Star Trek MMO merits. With 2016 being such a big year for Star Trek, with both the release of Star Trek Beyond and the 50th anniversary, why not get ahead of the curve? You may download it and give it a go and think it’s a load of crap. That’s fine. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a hidden gem of a game where you can be Captain Picard or Kirk, or even Archer if you’re strange like that.

Star Trek Online Season 11: New Dawn releases in October 2015.