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Monthly Archives: June 2012

This evening I went to my local watering hole to watch the England game. I’d been there the previous night for the Spain vs Italy game and also for the last day of the Premier League season a few weeks earlier and had a good time. Tonight, however, I witnessed some of the worst incidences of “support” I’ve ever come across. I don’t mean people booing their side, I don’t mean people not caring. What I mean is ignorant, drunk Sun readers displaying obscene amounts of partisanship, hypocrisy and vulgarity.

On at least three occasions I heard shouts of: “BREAK HIS LEGS”, usually when an England player had committed a foul and was then rightly brought up for it. Added to that was the ridiculous levels of hypocrisy dished out by the attending supporters. Every time an England player committed a full blooded challenge which was more often than not a foul, it was applauded and the ref abused. Yet, when the reverse happened, the French player would be accused of diving. It was absolutely ridiculous. The sheer reversion to type was startling as well. There were many calls of: “HOOF IT” and applauding last ditch blocks and tackles, despite it being a sign of poor defending. If you told these people that the sign of a good defender was clean sheets and clean shorts, they’d probably have an aneurysm.

Obviously not all England fans are like this. However, there seemed to be an overwhelming amount of “IN-GER-LUND” idiots who probably couldn’t give a rats arse about the rest of the tournament, just their national side. Really, it’s quite depressing. It’s not at all helped by the frankly awful punditry and commentary we’ve had so far from the BBC and ITV. Completely devoid of insight or intelligence. I long for a day when the audience isn’t treated like a moron, but going on the people watching the game in the pub today, most of them are. Maybe the BBC and ITV should take it on themselves to educate football fans and shine a light on the more intricate and intelligent aspects of the game rather than appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Consequently, I shall no longer be going to the pub for the England games. In fact, I hope England progress no further just to piss in these deluded idiots cornflakes.