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Being a sports fan in Britain can be a marvellous thing. Yes, Sky has gobbled up the rights to virtually all the sports under the Sun, but there’s no shortage of ways to tune in to your favourite competition via the radio, highlights shows or other less-than-legal methods. We’re also blessed with one of the best football leagues in the world, a decent cricket team, an above average rugby team (when it isn’t dwarf tossing), two great Formula One drivers, the men’s World Number Four tennis player and some half-decent boxers. So, with the Olympic games being hosted in London this summer I should surely be salivating at the prospect of a veritable smorgasbord of sport, right? Wrong. I can’t stand the Olympic Games.

Unsurprisingly, for someone who dislikes the Olympics, I have absolutely no love for athletics. I find it soulless, passionless, dull and anti-climactic. So when you base an entire competition around it with a few other sports tacked on, it’s not going to be pushing my buttons.

But, its supporters will chime, there are sports in there that you do like! Football, tennis and boxing are all represented at the Games. True, but the standard isn’t the highest. The football is an Under-23’s tournament (with three over 23 players per team) and in a year when there is a dedicated football tournament to my mind it’s thoroughly redundant. I’d be lying if I said the Team GB football side didn’t annoy me as well. Football does not belong at the Olympic Games. The football season is long enough as it is with the league and international tournaments. The boxing is amateur with protective head gear and less rounds per fight, with only the tennis resembling its own competitions.

To make matters worse, you can’t avoid it. It’ll be everywhere and it’s already starting to encroach on my life with that ridiculous London 2012 logo in the corner of every bloody thing. Not only that, but you’re made to feel guilty for not getting into the spirit of things. If you want to spend your summer days watching the tedium of the Olympics then fine. Just don’t expect me to. And of course this is without mentioning the ridiculous cost of the thing and the ongoing farce that is what will happen to the Olympic Stadium after the games are over.

So no, I won’t be watching the Olympics, I’ll stick to the football thank you very much.


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